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Technical Operations

Amy Holland, MSc, Technical Operations Manager, GreenCentre Canada

Amy Holland, MSc

Amy Holland (M.Sc., Queen’s University) joined GreenCentre as a Development Scientist in 2010, working with early-stage companies to develop sustainable products and processes. She has a strong background in project leadership and managing client relationships. Amy joined the leadership team in 2018 as manager of the technical team and laboratory operations, with responsibility for safety […]

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Craig Wheaton, PhD, Development Scientist, GreenCentre Canada.

Craig Wheaton, PhD

Craig Wheaton joined the team in 2013 after completing a Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship (Dalhousie University) and PhD research (University of Lethbridge) specializing in the areas of synthetic organometallic chemistry and catalysis. Since then, Craig has applied his considerable technical expertise and his certification as a Project Management Professional by leading high-impact R&D projects for our

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Zach Ariki, PhD, Business Accounts Coordinator, GreenCentre Canada.

Zach Ariki, PhD

Zach Ariki (PhD, Queen’s University) is the Business Accounts Coordinator and a Development Scientist at GreenCentre Canada. On the commercial team, Zach manages and administers federally funded programs aimed at helping Canadian SMEs accelerate the commercialization of new products and services. On the technical team, Zach is a project lead and manages a variety of

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Hassan Baalbaki, PhD, Development Scientist, GreenCentre Canada.

Hassan Baalbaki, PhD

Hassan Baalbaki (PhD, University of British Columbia) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2022. He is applying his expertise in organometallics, catalysis, and polymer chemistry to help clients advance and scale up their innovative technologies. These clients range from early start-ups to multinationals in advanced materials and specialty chemicals. In his free time, you will find him

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Desiree Bender, PhD, Development Scientist, GreenCentre Canada.

Desiree Bender, PhD

Desiree Bender (PhD, Queen’s University) joined GreenCentre as a Development Scientist in 2022 and has been applying her expertise in synthesis and materials chemistry to advance the innovative technologies and products of clients. In her free time, Desiree enjoys watching and playing all sports.

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Carlos Diaz, PhD, Development Scientist, GreenCentre Canada.

Carlos Diaz, PhD

Carlos Diaz (PhD, University of British Columbia) joined GreenCentre as a Development Scientist in 2023. His experience in polymer synthesis, polymer processing, biodegradability as well as inorganic synthesis and catalysis contributes to our team’s mission of bringing innovation to our clients. In his free time, Carlos enjoys long walks, fitness, and learning languages.

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Sam Drescher, MSc, Laboratory Technologist at GreenCentre Canada

Sam Drescher, MSc

Sam Drescher (M.Sc. University of Lethbridge) joined GreenCentre as a Laboratory Technologist in 2023. She has experience in organic synthesis, organometallic synthesis, and catalysis. To provide a fun fact, Sam completed her undergraduate degree in neuroscience (focusing on learning and memory in rodents) before completing her M.Sc. in organometallic chemistry. In her free time she

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Luiza Freitas, PhD, Development Scientist, GreenCentre Canada.

Luiza Freitas, PhD

Luiza Freitas (Ph.D., UFMG – Brazil, PDF at Queen’s University) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2018 and has been applying her experience in organic synthesis, organometallics, nanomaterials and natural products to help clients from different chemical sectors advance their innovative technologies and products. In her spare time, she loves baking, swimming and spending time with her

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Dhruvi Gohel, PhD, Development Scientist

Dhruvi Gohel, PhD

Dhruvi Gohel (PhD, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2023. She has more than eight years of experience in synthetic organic chemistry and applying her expertise in process development, synthesis, and purification of new molecules/APIs. Additionally, she is proficient in planning innovative strategies for the development of sustainable/green catalysis and mesoporous

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Keller Guimaraes, PhD, Development Scientist, GreenCentre Canada.

Keller Guimaraes, PhD

Keller Guimaraes (Ph.D., UFMG – Brazil, PDF at UFMG and Queen’s University) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2021 and has been applying his expertise in organic synthesis, organometallics, and natural products to develop our client’s innovative technologies and products. He also teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and loves cooking and playing acoustic guitar.

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