Yen Hoang

Yen Hoang (PhD, Laval University) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2022. She has been applying her experience in heterogeneous catalysis, and synthesis of nanostructured porous materials to contribute to R&D programs of our clients to advance their technologies. In addition, Yen works as part of our team of Technologists to ensure efficient lab operations. She wholeheartedly […]

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Shuaishuai Huang

Shuaishuai Huang (Ph.D., Queen’s University, PDF at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen) joined GreenCentre as a Development Scientist in 2023 and has been applying his experience in polymer science and nanomaterials to the innovative technologies and products of clients. In his spare time, Shuaishuai enjoys cooking and hanging out with his friends and

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Tim Hurst

Before joining GreenCentre Canada in 2018, Tim Hurst (PhD, University of Nottingham, UK) spent over a decade as a synthetic organic chemist in academia. Tim has built on this experience to support the R&D programs of our clients through the design, synthesis and purification of new materials and fine chemicals for various applications. In addition,

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Ramjee Kandel

Ramjee Kandel (PhD and PDF, Queen’s University) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2022.  He utilizes his expertise and creativity in synthetic organometallic, semiconductor, and crystalline material chemistry to help clients advance their innovative technologies and products. In his free time, he can be found chatting with his friends or enjoying comedy shows.

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Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar (PhD, Queen’s University) joined GreenCentre as a Development Scientist in 2023. He applies his knowledge of electrochemistry, materials synthesis, and device fabrication to help clients achieve and advance their innovative goals. In his spare time, he enjoys badminton, working out, and cooking. 

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Beth Laidley

Beth Laidley (BSc, McMaster University) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2015. Beth has held key roles both in and out of the lab. Beth works on projects in a variety of fields including organic synthesis, wastewater treatment, and polymer chemistry. She has also developed processes in support of our lab operations in order to improve accuracy

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Kerim Samedov

Kerim Samedov (PhD, Berlin University of Technology) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2019. He has applied his experience in inorganic and organometallic synthetic chemistry to advance our clients’ R&D and commercialization efforts. These clients range from academic start-ups to multinationals in advanced materials and specialty chemicals.

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Aathith Vasanthakumar

Aathith Vasanthakumar (PhD, McMaster University) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2022 at their Mississauga location. He has assisted clients in achieving their synthetic targets using his ingenuity and knowledge in organometallic and inorganic synthesis. Outside of chemistry, you will find him on the soccer pitch or cheering on the Raptors.

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Gui Vilela

Gui Vilela (PhD, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) joined GreenCentre Canada in November 2022. He has more than ten years of experience as chemistry researcher, in university and industry. Gui has experience in the organic synthesis and process chemistry in the areas of fluorescent materials, medicinal chemistry, oil and gas industry, water treatment

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Sam Drescher

Sam Drescher (M.Sc. University of Lethbridge) joined GreenCentre as a Laboratory Technologist in 2023. She has experience in organic synthesis, organometallic synthesis, and catalysis. To provide a fun fact, Sam completed her undergraduate degree in neuroscience (focusing on learning and memory in rodents) before completing here M.Sc. in organometallic chemistry. In her free time she

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