Category: Technical

Amy Holland

Amy Holland (M.Sc., Queen’s University) joined GreenCentre as a Development Scientist in 2010, working with early-stage companies to develop sustainable products and processes. She has a strong background in project leadership and managing client relationships. Amy joined the leadership team in 2018 as manager of the technical team and laboratory operations, with responsibility for safety …

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Craig Wheaton

Craig Wheaton joined the team in 2013 after completing a Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship (Dalhousie University) and PhD research (University of Lethbridge) specializing in the areas of synthetic organometallic chemistry and catalysis. Since then, Craig has applied his considerable technical expertise and his certification as a Project Management Professional by leading high-impact R&D projects for our …

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Zach Ariki

Zach Ariki (PhD, Queen’s University) specializes in transition metal catalysis and has employed his skills in the areas of synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry since joining GreenCentre Canada in 2021. Zach has contributed to the synthesis and development of valuable small-molecules and metal complexes that drive the research and innovation of our clients. In his …

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Patrick Eisenberger

Patrick Eisenberger (PhD, ETH Zürich, PDFs at University of British Columbia and Queen’s University) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2016. His expertise in organic, organometallic and main group chemistry supports GreenCentre’s industrial clients to achieve their product development goals. Patrick’s commitment to safety, demonstrated by serving on GreenCentre’s Joint Health & Safety Committee, paired with his …

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Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis (PhD, Queen’s University) is experienced in diverse areas of chemistry, with specializations in polymer chemistry and materials science. Most recently, Sarah developed novel polymers for environmentally conscious applications. Since joining GreenCentre Canada in 2021, Sarah has participated in the synthesis of custom molecules for industrial use.

Omar Garcia-Valdez

Omar Garcia-Valdez (PhD, Research Centre on Applied Chemistry, CIQA, Mexico) joined GreenCentre in 2018 and has applied his expertise in polymer science and engineering to develop our client’s technologies and products. Omar has contributed to the synthesis of new polymers, coatings, and diverse organic/inorganic materials for numerous applications. He enjoys football, American football, car racing, …

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Tim Hurst

Before joining GreenCentre Canada in 2018, Tim Hurst (PhD, University of Nottingham, UK) spent over a decade as a synthetic organic chemist in academia. Tim has built on this experience to support the R&D programs of our clients through the design, synthesis and purification of new materials and fine chemicals for various applications. In addition, …

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Amir Rabiee Kenaree

Amir Rabiee Kenaree (PhD chemistry, Western University and MSc chemical engineering, University of Tehran) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2019. He is well-experienced in various synthetic chemistries, polymer science, and materials characterization techniques. His focus is on designing synthetic routes for organometallic molecules and speciality monomers/polymers to create materials with superior properties for applications desired by …

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Hannah Nassiri

Hanieh (Hannah) Nassiri (PEng, PhD, University of Alberta) joined GreenCentre Canada in 2018. Hannah has worked to develop efficient absorbents for selective extraction of certain materials while removing unwanted impurities for downstream processing. She has also contributed to the evaluation, measurement and improvement of GreenCentre’s safety systems using her chemical engineering background.