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How We Help

At GreenCentre Canada, we focus on your needs. Our purpose is to provide you with the expert guidance and chemistry services you need to advance your technology to market.

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Who We Help

GreenCentre Canada supports a diverse range of clients including start ups, small and midsized enterprises, and large multinationals.


Your innovative ideas need specialized expertise and advanced equipment that are beyond your current capabilities.

Partnering with GreenCentre Canada bridges this gap, offering you the necessary resources to transform your vision into reality, without the overwhelming costs of setting up your own lab or hiring full-time employees.


You have the expertise to transform your innovations, but with limited capacity and a tight R&D budget, you need a fresh pair of eyes on your key innovation challenges.

At GreenCentre Canada, you have a dedicated team ready to collaborate with you, creating innovative sustainable solutions, and providing comprehensive support throughout your entire development process.

Benefits of Working With GreenCentre Canada

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Get Help With

Areas of Expertise:

  • Semiconductor precursors and materials
  • Rechargeable battery materials
  • Fine chemicals and catalysts
  • Polymers and coatings
  • Value from waste
  • Bio-based products
  • Water treatment
  • Product formulation

Accelerating your Product Development With:

  • Evaluation and design of new chemistries, chemical processes, and applications
  • Optimization of existing synthetic routes
  • Custom chemical and material synthesis
  • Support scale-up of chemical processes

Core Technical Competencies:

  • ALD/CVD precursor and spin-on material synthesis
  • Cathode active materials, including ternary and quaternary metal oxides
  • Organic synthesis
  • Main group inorganic syntheses
  • Polymer synthesis and application development
  • Coatings, surfactants, and formulations
  • Fermentation downstream processing

How We Work

At GreenCentre Canada, we offer two unique ways of working with clients like you, designed to maximize the potential of your innovative projects.

Innovation Services

GreenCentre Canada’s Fee-For-Service platform offers you a direct and flexible way to access our extensive range of specialized services, tailored to meet the specific needs of your technology.

  • Customized Project Support
  • Expert Team Collaboration
  • Flexible Service Options
  • Transparent Pricing Structure


Benefit from a structured, collaborative approach to advancing chemical innovations. These programs are designed to support you through comprehensive projects, providing in-depth expertise and resources.

  • Customized Project Support
  • Expert Team Collaboration
  • Access to Broad Network of Partners
  • Technical Services at Reduced Cost

The Roadmap

Safety is paramount at GreenCentre Canada and our established safety systems and protocols are at the heart of everything we do. All technical work is carried out safely and with the level of quality our clients expect of us.

Initial Assessment

We work with your team to fully understand your technology needs and evaluate fit based on our capabilities. We prepare a detailed proposal with timelines and deliverables, working collaboratively with you to ensure it addresses your needs and budget.

Development Work – Smaller Scale

Leveraging our expert team and cutting-edge facilities, we will develop and validate your chemical technology. We will generate key data providing a deeper understanding of the process, which will inform the transition to larger scale work.

Development Work – Larger Scale

Our work at larger scale will target challenges such as reproducibility, efficiency, and purification while considering the impact of safety and cost. The fine-tuning and improvements finalized at this stage will lay the foundation for technology transfer.

Technology Transfer

We prepare a comprehensive technology transfer package with essential details including process parameters and key learnings. This positions you for scale-up success. Any materials generated are provided to you with GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheets. We will continue to support you on your journey to market by making introductions to other service providers in our extensive network.

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