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Established in 2009, GreenCentre Canada supports the growth of companies by transforming their chemistry and materials innovations into valued products, processes, and services. We deploy our team of technical experts to design and carry out customized projects in specialized lab facilities to de-risk our clients’ technologies and position them for market success.

The lab at GreenCentre Canada.

Who We Are

At GreenCentre Canada, we are committed to empowering your business by providing the information, expertise, and support necessary to transform your chemical and material science innovations into marketable solutions.

Our Team

Collaborate with a diverse team of creative chemistry experts who act as an extension of your R&D team.

Clients & Sectors

GreenCentre Canada collaborates with a diverse range of partners and clients, including innovative startups, small and midsized enterprises (SMEs), and multinational corporations in the chemical and materials sectors.

How We Help

At GreenCentre Canada, we focus on your needs. Our purpose is to provide you with the expert guidance and chemistry services you need to advance your technology to market.

Careers with GreenCentre Canada

We foster an environment of inclusion, growth, and learning.

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