Our Commitment to
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
and belonging

greencentre canada

At GreenCentre, we promote a safe, respectful, and supportive workplace by encouraging the values and behaviours that reflect openness, fairness, equity, and dignity

GreenCentre’s mission is to provide crucial services to advance and transform our clients’ ideas into sustainable commercial products and processes. Our commitment to excellence is supported by the varied backgrounds, life experiences, and worldviews of our community.

This starts with our employees and board members, and extends to our clients, partners, suppliers, and everyone who supports the fulfillment of our mission.

GreenCentre’s greatest asset is our people. We recognize that the full commitment, creativity, energy, and collaborative spirit of a diverse workforce is essential for our success.

 We are dedicated to building an inclusive organization that welcomes and celebrates the diverse voices, identities, cultures, and perspectives of our employees and the greater community.