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Chemistry. Acceleration. Impact.

Together, We Can Shape a More Sustainable Future

GreenCentre Canada’s mission is to ensure the sustainable growth of companies by transforming their chemistry and materials innovations into marketable products.

You Innovate, We Elevate

We are here to support you as you navigate the complexities of innovation.

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Accelerate your product development and time to market with GreenCentre's expert resources and guidance.

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Collaborate with GreenCentre and maintain full ownership of your work and intellectual property.

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Leverage our specialized team and well-equipped labs, bridging any gaps in your company infrastructure.

Benefit from our robust technology validation with a stronger go-to-market strategy.

Accelerate Innovation. Accelerate Growth.

Who We Support

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Benefit from GreenCentre Canada's specialized expertise and advanced equipment to transform your vision into reality, without the overwhelming costs of setting up your own lab or hiring full-time employees.

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Small & Midsize Enterprises

Accelerate the process of validating and bringing your innovation to market, ensuring your business is best positioned for investment and success.

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Flexible, cost-efficient services and innovative solutions without the complexity of expanding your internal teams.

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A water treatment facility.

Fully-Equipped Lab Facilities

GreenCentre Canada’s lab facilities provide a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art equipment.

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Impact Across Canada

The value of our technical project services is demonstrated by:

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Active Funded Programs

People, equipment and lab space are expensive and take time to establish. Accelerate your technology’s time to market through access to GreenCentre’s programs without the cost burden to your company.

Funded program recepients

GreenCentre Canada has helped various chemical and materials companies by offering vital R&D support and commercialization advice, leading to successful product launches.

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